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Stage summary27.04.2014Gerrans enters the legend

On the final straight in Ans, Simon Gerrans became the first ever Australian to claim Liège-Bastogne-Liège. Winner of Milan-San Remo, of stages on the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia and the Vuelta, the Orica-Greenedge rider adds this 100th edition of La Doyenne to his already impressive list of victories. Gerrans made the best of his sprinting qualities to beat Alejandro Valverde and Michal Kwiatkowski to the line. After 6 men enjoyed a long breakaway, the main favourites ended up...

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video02.05.2014 Liège Baston Liège - Best of 2014


Liège Baston Liège - Best of 2014

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interview27.04.2014Michal Kwiatkowski (OPQS): «Amazing to be on the podium»

“I'm already very happy to finish third of such a race. To be on the podium alongside guys like Valverde and Gerrans is already amazing. I still have a lot to show in cycling and have a lot of work to do. It was actually the first time I was the leader of the team on these Ardennes Classics. So I'm luck to be in a team like OPQS.

On the last corner, Dan Martin crashed just ahead of me and unfortunately I was on the wrong side. I still managed to react but it wasn't good enough to...

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interview27.04.2014Simon Gerrans (OGE): «Don't have the words to express what I'm

It's incredible. I don't have the words to express what I'm feeling. It was really a super hard race all the way at the finish. And I really have to thank my team. With 30kms to go, I actually felt I didn't have good legs but they insisted. I owe them a lot. You never know what happens on such a final. 
I just gave the maximum until the final bend. To win here really is a dream come true. It unfolded perfectly for me. I was well placed and managed to avoid Dan Martin who crashed just...

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Newsflashes (Local time)

16:57Top 5

1- Gerrans (OGE)

2- Valverde (MOV)

3- Kwiatkowski (OPQ)

4- Caruso (KAT) 

5- Pozzovivo (AGR)     

16:55Gerrans wins it

Simon Gerrans (OGE) wins this 100th edition of Liège-Bastogne-Liège. First Australian victory on La Doyenne.

16:54Martin crashes

Just after catching the leaders Dan MLartin crashes in the final bend

16:54Martin catches leaders


16:53Martin takes off

Dan Martin tries to take off from the pack behind the two leaders Pozzovivo and Caruso.

16:52Final kilometre

Still the same two in the lead. They still have ten seconds.

16:512kms to go

Just under two kilometres to go and Pozzovivo and Caruso still lead with a 9" advantage. Samuel Sanchez leads the pack.

16:503kms to go

With three kilometres to go, Pozzovivo and Caruso still lead the way with a 10" advantage. Can the Italians hang on? 30 riders are still present in the group of favourites.

16:48Still Two in lead

With 5kms to go, Caruso (KAT) and Pozzovivo (AGR) have a 10" lead over the group of favourites. Valverde tried his luck, in vain.

16:46Over for Denifl

Stefan Denifl has been caught and dropped by Caruso and Pozzovivo. The pack of favourites is just behihnjd

16:44Denifl on the move

In the climb up the Côte de Saint-Nicolas (1,2 kmat 8,6 %), Stefan Denifl (IAM) takes off on his own.

16:43Movistar in command

Two riders from team Movistar lead the pack with Valverde in second position. The front group are about to take on Côte de Saint-Nicolas (1,2 kmat 8,6 %).

16:38Over for front two

Pozzovivo and Arredondo have been caught with 11kms to go. Around fifty riders are bunched up now in the lead.

16:36Pozzovivo and Arredondo still lead

With 15kms to go we still have two men in the lead: Pozzovivo and Arredondo. They have a 15" lead over a pack of now 45 riders. The counter-attackers have been caught.

16:349 riders on a counter-attack

Nine men have gathered together in a counter-attacking group. Among this group: Gilbert, Bardet, Valverde, Nordhaug, Kwiatkowski, Moreno, Kreuziger...

16:32Kreuziger and Nibali on the move

Roman Kreuziger and Vincenzo Nibali give it a go. The favourites are obviously reacting. Front two still have a 15" lead.

16:31Sanchez caught back

While Samuel Sanchez has been caught by the pack, two men still lead: Pozzovivo and Arredondo.

16:29Sanchez on a counter

Behind Pozzovivo and Arredondo, Samuel Sanchez (BMC) is alone chasing. He's 10" adrift. The pack is 20" behind.

16:28Arredondo and Pozzovivo lead

Two men currently lead after their move in the Côte de la Roche-aux-Faucons : Domenico Pozzovivo (AGR) and Julian Arredondo (TFR). They have a 10" lead over the pack.

16:26Time to battle

Arredondo (TFR) and Pozzovivo (AGR) give it a go at the front. Gilbert and Bardet chasing.

16:24Over for Bono

With 21kms to go, it's over for front man Matteo Bono (LAM). The Italian has just been caught by a pack led by teams AG2R and Europcar.

16:23OFFICIAL: Rodriguez quits

After struggling early on in the race, Joaquim Rodriguez (KAT) has officialy quit this 100th edition. The Spaniard had finished second last year.

16:21Bono still leading

With 25kms to go, Bono (LAM) still leads the way. Meanwhile all the counter-attackers have been caught by the pack and the gap has dropped down to 20".

16:19Howes joined by other men

Behind race leader Matteo Bono, five men are now together: Alex Howes (GRS), Jerome Baugnies (WGG), Dennis Vanendert (LTB), Weening (OGE) and C-A Sorensen (TCS)

16:15Howes on a counter-attack

With 28kms to go, Alex Howes (GRS) has just taken off on a counter-attack. Maybe another smart move from the Garmin-Sharp team. Like Hesjedal last year.

16:13Mechanical problem for Bakelants

Really a tough race for Jan Bakelants. After suffering a crash earlier on, the Belgian was forced to stop to change bikes. Another major blow and time and energy loss for the OPQS rider.

16:11Bono alone at top of climb

Matteo Bono leads the way at the top of the Côte des Forges. The pack led by a Garmin-Sharp rider is just 35" adrift.

16:07Bono leads alone

In the climb up the Côte des Forges (1,9 % at 5,9 %), Matteo Bono drops his breakaway companion. One man alone in the lead.

16:06Race situation

With 33kms to go, two men lead the race: Matteo Bono (LAM) and Jacobus Venters (MTN). All the other former escapees have been caught by the pack. Latest gap s 1'.

15:57Counter-attackers caught

After their efforts in the climb up the Côte de la Redoute, Barguil, Arredondo and Bakelants are back in the pack. Still two men in the lead: Bono and Venters.

15:55Now two in lead

Matteo Bono has been caught by Jacobus Venter. Two men lead the race with 41kms to go. Pack is 1'15 adrift. 

15:54Three men on a counter attack

Three men are currently in a counter-attack: Barguil (GIA), Bakelants (OPQ), Arredondo (TFR)...

15:52Bono leads alone

Matteo Bono (LAM) continues his effort after the Côte de la Redoute. He now leads the way on his own.

15:50Barguil on the move

Frenchman Warren Barguil (GIA) tries to break away from the back on the climb up La Redoute.

15:50Bono first at top

While Matteo Bono (LAM) makes it first at the top of the Côte de la Redoute, the front group has broken up. The pack is now only 1'35 adrift.  

15:47Koch dropped in La Redoute

In the climb up the Côte de la Redoute Michel Koch (CAN) is dropped by his breakaway companions. Four men left in the lead.

15:45Gilbert at home

Just before taking on the climb up La Redoute, the pack is going through Sougné-Remouchamps, the village of Philippe Gilbert (BMC).

15:4150kms to go

50kms to go in this 100th edition and still the same two teams leading the pack: Tinkoff-Saxo and Europcar. The gap now is 2'40. Next up: the legendary Côte de la Redoute (2 km at 8,9 %)

15:31Tinkoff-Saxo lead the pack

Now two riders from team Tinkoff-Saxo, including Michael Rogers, lead the pack and reach the top of the Col de la Vecquée. The gap at the top: 3'.

15:28Jakobs, King of the hills

Again first at the top of the Col de la Vecquée, like on the previous 5 climbs, is Pieter Jakobs (TSV). The gap is now under the 4' mark.

15:24Pack in 6th climb

As the pack takes on the sixth climb, the Col de la Vecquée (3,1 km at 6,4 %), the gap has dropped to 4'05. Now five Europcar riders leading the peloton.

15:19Still five in lead

REMINDER: the five men still in the lead are Lang (IAM), Koch (CAN), Venter (MTN), Bono (LAM) and Jakobs (TSV). They managed to break away at km 12. 

15:18Europcar chasing

WIth 70kms to go for the pack, the gap has dropped down to 5'05. Riders from team Europcar have moved to the front of the pack.

15:04Rui Costa quits

After suffering a crash just a few moments ago. World champion Rui Costa is forced to quit. A real blow for the Portuguese and his Lampre-Merida team.

15:02Crash for Rui Costa

Crash in the pack and a World Champion on the ground at km 177. Rui Costa (LAM) bits the dust. Also caught in the crash are Golas (OPQS), Pantano (COL) and Lopez Garcia (SKY)

14:58Van Den Broeck dropped

Bad news for Lotto-Bellisol. Jurgen Van den Broeck has just been dropped by the pack. The Belgian team can however still count on Vanendert.

14:56Minnaard back in pack

Part of the early breakaway, Minnaard (TSV) who was dropped in the climb up the Côte de Wanne, has just been caught by the pack.

14:55Rodriguez in trouble

At the beginning of the climb of the Côte de la Haute Levée, Joaquim Rodriguez (KAT) has been dropped by the pack.

14:54Jakobs again

On the fifth hill of the course and for the fifth time, Pieter Jakobs (TSV) makes it first to the top. One more and he'll have won the Hills' Prize. Meanwhile the pack is 6'35 adrift. 

14:43Longest climb

The 5 leading riders have started the climb up the Côte de la Haute-Levée (3,6 km at 5,6 %), the longest hill on the course. Meanwhile the pack is at the bottom of the Côte de Stockeu.

14:36Pack at top of Wanne

The pack reaches the top of the Côte de Wanne with a 7'30 time deficit.

14:32Fright for a few favourites

A group of riders including Bardet (AG2R), Van den Broeck (LBL), Sanchez (BMC), Porte (SKY) and Kreuziger (TCS) that was dropped after the earlier crash is moving back towards the main bunch.

14:27Now only 5 in lead

In the climb up the Côte de Wanne, Marco Minnaard (WGG) fails to follow the pace. He's been dropped. Now five men left at the front.

14:25Crash for Bakelants

At km 164, a crash has just occurred at the front of the pack sending to the ground Jan Bakelants (OPQS). Roman Kreuziger was also slowed down by the crash.

14:23Escapees going up Cote de Wanne

The front six riders have taken on the climb up the Côte de Wanne (2,8 km at 7,2 %). They'll then have a series of two other climbs:

Km 173,5: Côte de Stockeu (1 kmat 2,4 %)
Km 179: Côte de la Haute-Levée (3,6 kmat 5,6 %)

14:21Andy Schleck in trouble

After suffering a knee injury at the Amstel Gold Race and quitting the Fleche Wallonne, Andy Schleck has been dropped by the pack. Not looking good for the 2009 LBL winner from Luxemburg.

14:15Chase really on

The speed of the pack has seriously increased and the peloton is almost in one straight line. The front 6 riders can still enjoy a 10'35 lead.

14:07Frank Schleck (Trek): ??Keep energy for as long as possible?

Speaking to yesterday during the team presentation, Frank Schleck (TFR) insists on how much he loves La Doyenne. A race he finished 2nd in 2011 and 3rd in 2007 and 2008. “On such a race, you really have to keep energy for as long as possible. It's also very important to be constantly well placed. I really am very fond of this race. I was unlucky at the Fleche Wallonne where I suffered a crash so we'll see how it goes on Liège”.

13:54Joaquim Rodriguez (KAT): ??My legs are perfect?

Speaking to, Katusha leader Joaquim Rodriguez, 2nd last year, talked about his shape, especially after suffering falls at both the Amstel Gold Race and the Fleche Wallonne. “I feel a lot better, I hope I'll be able to give all I have. I still feel some pain by my ribs, it gives me slight problems to breathe but my legs are perfect”.

13:53Gap dropping

At km 131, the gap has dropped down to 12'10. Still teams Garmin-Sharp, Lotto-Bellisol, Movistar and BMC leading the pack.

13:40Pack at top of second climb

The pack has just reached km 123 and the top of the Côte de Saint-Roch (1 km at 1,1 %) with a 13'10 time deficit over the front 6 men.

13:31Dekker leads the pack

Garmin-Sharp's Thomas Dekker now leads the pack, full speed ahead. Gap is now 13'20.

13:29Puncture for Voeckler

4th of Liège-Bastogne-Liège back in 2012, Thomas Voeckler (EUC) has just suffered a rear wheel puncture. Better now than later for the Frenchman.

13:24Jakobs leads at top of climb

Again, Pieter Jakobs (TSV) is the first to reach the top of the second climb, the Côte de Saint-Roch (1 km at 1,1 %).

13:23First man to quit

Team Netapp Endura rider, Erick Rowsell is the first man to quit this 100th edition of Liège-Bastogne-Liège. Game over for him in the feeding zone.

13:22Second climb coming up

While the front riders are about to take on the second climb, the Côte de Saint-Roch (1 km at 1,1 %), the pack has just exited the feeding zone. The gap has dropped down seriously.

13:13Wind favourable now

While the wind conditions were not favourable during the first part of the race, the riders are now enjoying a strong tailwind. And indeed it appears that the pack really is speeding up.

13:05Nibali needs to go solo

Vincenzo Nibali probably still has in mind the race of 2012 when it looked like the Doyenne was going to go his way before Maxim Iglinsky surprised the field to triumph on the finish line in Ans. Since then both men have joined forces and ride for Astana. With Enrico Gasparotto, they'll be among the favourites of Liège-Bastogne-Liège. In Belgian Daily, La Meuse, the Italian says he's “getting into top shape” but admits that he'll need to finish “alone” after a solo effort to hope...

12:59Pack at km 100

The main pack still led by teams Movistar, BMC, OPQS and Lotto-Bellisol is in Bastogne and has reached km100. The gap is now 15'05 between the leading 6 and the peloton.

12:52Koch wins Bastogne sprint

Michel Koch (CAN) wins the sprint in Bastogne at km 100, only just beating Matteo Bono (LAM). The prize for Koch: 5000€.

12:48Moving closer to Bastogne

The front riders are about to enter Bastogne where a sprint will be set at km 100. The winner will pocket 5000€. Who will it be between Lang (IAM), Koch (CAN), Venter (MTN), Bono (LAM), Jakobs (TSV) and Minnaard (WGG).

12:32Kwiatkowski, the rising star

Among the outsiders for Liège-Bastogne-Liège, Michal Kwiatkowski is one of the team leaders having the talent and legs to capture a first prestigious win today. The Polish rider, 2nd of the Fleche Wallonne last Wednesday will also be able to count on the key support of his OPQS tea mate Jan Bakelants: “My first mission will be to work for Michal Kwiatkowski, I have no problems with that. He has phenomenal talent and could become to Eddy Merckx of his generation.”

12:30OPQS now in chase

As the gap reaches 15'40, Serge Pauwels (OPQS) has joined riders from Lotto-Bellisol, BMC and Movistar in the chase.

12:17Five former winners in the pack

Among the 197 riders currently racing on this 100th edition, there are 5 former winners:

Alejandro Valverde (2006 and 08)

Andy Schleck (2009)

Philippe Gilbert (2011)

Maxim Iglinskiy (2012)

Daniel Martin (2013)         

12:115kms between escapees and pack

The gap now reaches 15'45 as the pack clears the first climb of the day, the Cote de La Roche-en-Ardenne. Meanwhile the front 6 are at km 75.

12:05Jakobs first at top

Pieter Jakobs (TSV) is the first to reach the top of the Cote de La Roche-en-Ardenne at km 70.

11:58Romain Bardet (AG2R): ??I had great legs last Wednesday?

Speaking to, Frenchman Romain Bardet talked about his ambitions for the race. "It's the biggest one-day race of the season. After capturing good results, the goal for myself or Pozzovivo will be to enter the Top 10. We'll each work on our missions. There are many good wheels to follow, not only those of Gilbert and Valverde. I saw that I had great legs last Wednesday and this race suits me. I like long races and want to develop my qualities for the years to come”....

11:56First climb of the day

While the front six riders have taken on the first climb of the day, the Côte de La Roche-en-Ardenne (2,8 km at 6,2 %), a rider from Lotto-Bellisol has joined the chase at the front of the pack. The gap grows again and reaches 15'.

11:48Movistar joins in the chase

Alongside BMC's Cummings, Jose-Ivan Gutierrez of Movistar has joined in the chase. After enjoying a maximum 15' lead, the front 6 now have a 14'50 advantage.

11:36Now 15'

The latest gap between the front 6 and the pack is now 15' at km 41.5.
REMINDER: the men in the lead are Lang (IAM), Koch (CAN), Venter (MTN), Bono (LAM), Jakobs (TSV) and Minnaard (WGG) and they took off after 12kms of racing.

11:24Cummings starting to chase

At km 35, the gap is now 14'20. Stephen Cummings is currently leading the pack and slowly starting to chase.

11:18Average speed after 1st hour

The front 6 men have covered 39.5kms during the first hour. Last wednesday, the escapees had covered over 49kms during the first hour of the Fleche Wallonne.

11:17Warren Barguil (GIA): ??Take what comes?

Speaking to, Giant-Shimano rider Warren Barguil ambitions to one day shine on Liège-Bastogne-Liège and seems rather happy after his experience on the Fleche Wallonne last Wednesday. “I was unlucky although my legs were really good. I suffered a mechanical problem when I was about to catch the front group. I rested well after the race and went to check out the final 90kms of the course on Friday. I will just try to follow and take what comes. Finishing 20th or 30th isn't very...

11:10Vanendert, the other Belgian option

Quieter than his compatriot and former team mate Philippe Gilbert, Jelle Vanendert seems to have all it takes to capture his first major Classic victory after finishing second of the Amstel Gold Race and 6th of the Flèche Wallonne. His directeur sportif at Lotto-Bellisol, Marc Sergeant analyses in Belgian Daily, la DH, the potential of his leader: “He really has the legs to win. We are confident in Jelle but also in the team that will be a lot stronger than the last few years in the final...

11:09Gap still growing

The leading 6 now have a 12'50 advantage over the pack. A rider from BMC has moved to the leading position of the peloton.

10:50Gilbert, at the center of debates?

In Belgian daily La DH-Les Sports, an important part of its coverage on Liège-Bastogne-Liège (four pages) naturally focuses on local hero Philippe Gilbert, the man the whole country will be cheering for a possible second success after 2011. « It was a childhood dream to win it and I managed that but I want to win again and I'll do all I can to do so. I'll never be satisfied with only one victory ». The recent performances of the BMC rider were analysed by his former directeur sportif at...

10:49Gap over 5'

Looking good for the front six riders. The gap over the pack has reached 5'30. The front six are: Lang (IAM), Koch (CAN), Venter (MTN), Bono (LAM), Jakobs (TSV) and Minnaard (WGG).

10:47Hills on the course

Km 70: La Roche-en-Ardenne (2,8 kmat 6,2 %)

Km 123: Côte de Saint-Roch (1 kmat 1,1 %)

Km 167: Côte de Wanne (2,8 kmat 7,2 %)

Km 173,5: Côte de Stockeu (1 kmat 2,4 %)

Km 179: Côte de la Haute-Levée (3,6 kmat 5,6 %)

Km 201: Col de la Vecquée (3,1 kmat 6,4 %)

Km 218,5: Côte de la Redoute (2 kmat 8,9 %

Km 231,5: Côte des Forges (1,9 % at 5,9 %)

Km 243,5: Côte de la Roche-aux-Faucons (1,5 kmat 9,3 %)

Km 257,5: Côte de...

10:41Gap groaing for 6 leaders

At km 14 the front six, Lang (IAM), Koch (CAN), Venter (MTN), Bono (LAM), Jakobs (TSV) and Minnaard (WGG), have a 2'30 lead over the quiet pack.

10:396 riders in lead

At km 12, six riders have bunched up at the front of the race. Lang (IAM), Koch (CAN) and Venter (MTN) were the first to take off and were rapidly caught by three other men: Bono (LAM), Jakobs (TSV) and Minnaard (WGG). The gap is growing over the pack

10:37Feverish Betancur not racing

With Chris Froome's withdrawal, the other big surprise came from Paris-Nice winner Carlos Betancur, also failing to start Liège-Bastogne-Liège. Speaking to, AG2R DS, Julien Jurdie explains: "Carlos was already slightly sick yesterday but he still came to the start this morning. He was in the bus and took part in the briefing. But we then decided he shouldn't start. He's feverish and has a sore throat, has a headache".  

10:30Bunched pack again

At km 8, the pack bunches up again. The first escapees of the day have been caught.

10:29First attempts

A little group of five riders is attempting to break away from the pack at km 6. They have a slim lead over the pack.

10:25Still bunched

The pack remains bunched and riding at a fairly fast pace. Peloton is at km 6.

10:23Chest infection for Froome

According to Team Sky, Christopher Froome who was forced to withdraw from the race before the start appears to suffer from a mild chest infection.

10:17Official start

The official start of the 100th edition of Liège-Bastogne-Liège has just been given at 10:16. 197 riders are riding towards Bastogne.

10:09Riders in neutral zone. No Froome and Betancur

197 have left Liège and are heading to the official start of the race. Two big surprises at the start: Christopher Froome (SKY) and Carlos Betancur (AG2R) have not started the race.

10:05Royal start

For the 100th edition of Liège-Bastogne-Liège, the official start of the event was given by the king of Belgium in person, King Philippe. Another Philippe, Gilbert, will be hoping to triumph in a few hours and capture a 59th Belgian victory on the event.


Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of Liège-Bastogne-Liège. The 199 riders of this 100th edition are due to start from the Place Saint-Lambert in Liège at 10:00 for a 263-km ride down south to Bastogne and back up towards the finish line in Ans.


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