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It has captivated them for 125 years! And any punishments it inflicts upon them only seem to make them keener. The champions of world cycling are singularly attracted by the Oldest of the Classics.

A feeling shared by the spectators who wait impatiently for this event and the emotional rollercoaster it entails. Fans of my generation experienced one of the greatest spectacles during the 1980 edition of Liège-Bastogne-Liège, won by a solitary rider by the name of Bernard Hinault, who was tried and tested by snow, glacial winds, icy roads and negative temperatures. He proved to be much more resistant to the freezing conditions than his adversaries. Last year, younger fans learned that winter could still hit at the end of April, transforming the Belgian countryside into a treadmill of suffering of heroic dimensions. Although he kept the feeling in all his fingers, unlike the “Badger”, it was Wout Poels who went after his share of the legend in 2016. The weather doesn't perform to order, nor does the event. It is always, however, extremely intense... perfectly in proportion to the hopeful riders' desire and determination.


Christian Prudhomme

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